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Jul 6 17


by Webmaster

Welcome to the Broken & Mangled Operators’ website

RailRun will be on April 6, 7, & 8, 2018



Web page established on 1/31/05.

Dec 12 16

Happy Holidays and Thank You

by Carl

A huge thank you to all my operators, Tuesday, Saturday and Spare Board for coming throughout the year to make the Atlantic Shoals perform. I truly hope every last one of you had fun at each session. I am looking forward to another great year of operations on all of the B&M Operators great model railroads.


Sep 27 16

Good By For Now New England Northern

by Carl

The New England Northern will operate for the last time for members only on October 25, 2016. Jere is moving his business to a new location and his beautiful layout is being dismantled. Thank you Jere for all the great years and we look forward to your new layout in the near future and best of luck with your business move.

May 23 16

Walthers Turntable woes

by Carl

I made an interesting discovery while attempting to fix my turntable, which has been acting up for the last three sessions. The Walthers turntable operates on a simple self contained computer. There are two terminals, one for turntable track power and one to power the computer and motor. The track power should be connected to the DCC track power, not brain surgery. The turntable power, however, is shown in two different ways in the instruction manual. One method is to simply power it with 10 to 16 volts AC from a stand alone power source. The other way is to power it from the DCC system, ie, tap the power from the base station. The second way is how I did it when I attempted to add sound to the table. I have found that using the DCC power causes problems because whenever a short occurs and a breaker trips it cuts off the power to the computer in the turntable, when the power is restored the table is automatically re-booted! Thus the failure of indexing properly if the table was in use at the time of the short. I now have the table running on a 9 volt AC wall transformer so lets hope the problem is solved.


Dec 23 15


by Carl

The B&M Operators welcome two new members, Mark Pelletier and Thorsten Exter. Your enthuesism for model railroad operations is  most appreciated.