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by Webmaster on August 20th, 2010
As most of us know now, Carl is back-dating the Atlantic Shoals to include  more steam locomotives. With this in mind, a couple of months ago, I was at Atlantic Shoals during an operating session and thought that St. Andrews could use some sort of small coaling facility for the steamers. There was some open ground adjacent to the newly installed turntable. I shared my thoughts with Carl, and he thought it would be a good idea. I also told him that I believed I had, in my archives, some plans that might make a good project.
I went through my accumulated projects and plans and found the very one I thought would make a good facility for St. Andrews.
The plans were of a Pennsylvania coal dock at Elmira, NY for steam powered wreck cranes. Carl and Christine were away in Spain and Portugal at the time, so I thought I would surprise him and just build the coal dock,suitably modified for steam locomotives, for St. Andrews. And to add to the surprise, I also threw in a CV prototype green sand bin.
I gave the coal dock to Carl,and he installed it at St. Andrews. During subsequent visits, I admired the coal dock in its setting and thought that it really looked cool.
So, I decided that the yard at Dividing Creek could also use a small coaling facility. And, the rest of the story is, of course, I built one for myself. I’ve attached a photo of the one at Dividing Creek. By the way, most of the coal in the bin is from the Rutland. During RailRun 2010, one of my guests asked if I would like some coal from the Rutland and even thought I crushed it as much as I could, there are still some rather large chunks in the bin.
Model railroading is fun, especially when shared with friends.
Don Howd

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