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by Webmaster on September 28th, 2010
A couple of Tuesdays ago, while we were at Harvey’s Essex & Lakeside, I noticed a pair of very old passenger cars. Actually, one coach and one combine. I asked Harvey if he would be willing to part with them, and he graciously arranged a 99 year lease for the Dividing Creek. The actual truth is, I’ve been coveting these cars for a while and just decided to go ahead and ask Harvey.
The combine is a metal casting and the coach is plastic. The underframes are identical (except for the material) and the plastic on is stamped “Hobbyline”, so I’m assuming that both are Hobbyline.
I thought it would be fun to document the progress of the renovation, and this is the first installment.
As you can see by the photo, the coach was in rough shape, and it had lighting added.
The first step was to clean it up and I also removed the lighting. The plan is to add some detail parts: steam traps, end gates, hand rails, grab ironsand Kadee couplers. I will also equip it with Central Valley passenger trucks.
After all that is done, it will be painted in the Delaware & Hudson’s pullman green scheme. When the car is finished, I would like the first revenue trip to be on the Essex & Lakeside.
Don Howd

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