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by Webmaster on October 6th, 2010
After I cleaned up the castings and primed them, the next step was to add grab irons to the end of the coach and hand rails at the sides of the doors. After drilling  (#79) and installing, the next step was painting. The coach body is Pullman green and the roof is grimy black. I added Cal-Scale brass steam traps to the underframe of the coach and painted it grimy black. After the paint was dry, Kadee couplers and Central Valley trucks went on. I checked to make sure the couplers were the right height, as well.
The trucks, of course, are pretty old and the foam in their box had deteriorated badly, so the trucks needed a lot of cleaning. In the enlarged photo, they look as if they could still use some additional cleaning. I’ll see to that before the next time.
There has been no further progress on the combination car. I do have the Scalecoat NYC paints, but need Scalecoat thinner. I also ran out of the 27″ vestibule hand rails, so work on that car needs to wait for my order to arrive.
See you next time.
Don Howd

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