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by Webmaster on October 21st, 2010

Now that the D&H coach is done, I can turn my attention to the Dividing Creek combine. Especially since the parts and thinner for Scalecoat have been received. The first chore was to finish the hand rails. The coach was relatively easy because the shell was plastic. However, the combine is an older version made of some sort of white metal. I had to drill 24 (I think) #79 holes for the hand rails at the vestibule end, the baggage door end, next to the baggage door and the four end grab irons. Think that’s not tedious??. The good news is: I only broke 3 drills.
Next will be the light New York Central gray along the windows, then NYC dark gray for the rest of the car and grimy black for the roof.
I think I’ll hold off on the painting until next week–Dividing Creek is hosting second Saturday on the 23rd and Tuesday the 26th.
Don Howd

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