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random thoughts

by Bob on July 29th, 2012

sometimes we get caught up in our private lives regarding family situations and god knows we have had plenty of those the last few years,in this group. over the years when my live was complicated by family matters,i found myself looking forward,more than usual ,to operating on our layouts. the dividing creek helped me to escape to a rural part of Vermont where my priority was to get milk delivered and passengers to their destination.the shoals introduced me to the marvels of Canadian maritime railroading at its best. the Essex&Lakeside taught me that a gentleman named Harvey Robinson (an original member of this group), made it all work because of mentoring and guidance he offers anyone of us without expecting anything in return. although i have learned how to be a better operator in this group, by far my association,with its members,has made me a better person. we may not always agree on how things should run,but the differences in opinions have always been valuable to me. just some random thoughts. bob p

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