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by Webmaster on February 13th, 2013
The Greenwich & Johnsonville? Never heard of it! Oh, wait, isn’t the G&J the shortline in upstate New York that became the Battenkill? Yes, I remember now.
 Having a small Delaware & Hudson connection on the Dividing Creek, my thoughts wandered to the G&J. The G&J had an RS3 that came from the D&H, as well as a caboose from them as well.
I was able to find an older Stewart RS3 kit on EBay to put together. I have some photos of the prototype to use as a guide and I knew I had some G&J decals that came as part of a Delaware & Hudson set.
I built the shell, and added a Detail Associates Pyle twin headlight, and also built a horn bracket from styrene and added a three chime horn. An engineer figure finished the job. I also added NWSL wheel sets.
I settled on UP Light Orange for a color and started to decal the shell when all was dry. Naturally, the decals promptly disintegrated into approximately a million tiny pieces.
I reached out to Ace Cutter, since he has a friend who can do decals, and, at the same time mentioned the predicament to Ray Palleschi.
Well, Ray offered, and I was able to supply him with a copy of the G&J decals from an on-line website, as well as dimensions.
Not much later, Ray presented me with two sets of G&J decals. After the application to the shell, #4116 looked pretty good.
Next, the receiver–suffice it to say, this took me quite awhile to get right. The Stewart shell is pretty narrow, and even after several tries, the unit just didn’t run well.
Perseverance is everything sometimes and over the past couple of days, I kept at it–shell comes off, re-arrange wiring, shell goes back on–doesn’t run well. Shell comes off, etc. After I’m not sure how many tries, I hit on the right arrangement and #4116 went into service on February 11, 2013.
Thank you, Ray for the decal work.
Don Howd
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