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by Webmaster on May 24th, 2013

At the last Saturday operating session, I was helping (sort of) Peter as he worked Catherine St. Yard, working the Pine St. switcher, trying to pull and set the local cars.

As the session was winding down, an idea struck me–should the crew for the Pine St. switcher report earlier than the rest of the crews?

My thought is the Pine St. switcher crew should start working around 0430. That’s one bell of the morning watch for you Navy types, four o’clock in the morning for the Army and Air Force and for any Marines–the big hand is on the 6 and the little hand is on the 4.

The earlier reporting time will give the local switching crew 15 or 20 real minutes to pull and set local cars, without having to work around the Yardmaster.

Starting with the next Dividing Creek session on 5/28/13, the Pine St. switcher crew will start at 0430 (fast clock time). We’ll do this on a trial basis for several sessions and if it works, we can make this a permanent part of the operating scheme.

Don Howd

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