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by Webmaster on August 11th, 2009

After the operating session at Atlantic Shoals on Saturday last, Jere loaned me an interesting book. It it a soft cover, less that 60 pages titled BETHLEHEM STEEL RAILROADING. It was written by Nevin S. Yeakel, retired Supervisor of Transportation for the Philadelphia, Bethlehem and New England Railroad, a subsidiary of Bethlehem Steel. Briefly, the PB&NE served the huge steel mills in the Bethlehem, PA area.
As I was reading, I couldn’t help notice what Mr. Yeakel said when he was Yardmaster at the Shimersville District: “Limiting the size of the train was also important because it was possible to get hung up with too many cars and tie-up the system.”
Imagine that!
Don Howd

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