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by Webmaster on December 10th, 2008

Yesterday a fast freight train operating on the Atlantic Shoals Railway narrowly missed being buried inside tunnel number six just west of Fairgrounds at MP 187.3. While operating an eighteen car freight with two locomotives from Church Point to Port Evangeline  engineer Don Howd  noticed part of the roof of tunnel number six falling onto the tracks ahead of his train. Thinking quickly Mr. Howd went to full throttle and pulled his locomotives beyond the falling debris just as a section of the tunnel fell onto the second car in his train. The locomotives and one car managed to get out of the tunnel but the remainder of the train became uncoupled and suffered the brunt of the damage. Emergency forces were dispatched to the west end of the tunnel and found the Conductor and flagman wandering around in a dazed condition but thankfully they were unhurt. It took the car and track departments several hours to remove the debris rerail the cars and pull the remainder of the train to daylight. Engineer Howd was quoted as saying �hot dam I didn�t know those new fangled diesels could get up and go that fast�. The head brakeman who wishes to remain anonymous quit his job on the spot.

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