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by Webmaster on July 7th, 2008

At approximately 7:45 PM Tuesday July 1, 2008, “without warning” the A.S.Ry was picketed in front of it’s headquarters by a large group of workers representing the operators union. Management took immediate action by calling the Pinkerton Detective Agency for reinforcements. Alas, cooler heads prevailed and after concessions from both sides the picket line disbursed and the operating session, although starting late, was a success.

The action did, however, take it’s toll on the employees involved as witnessed by the actions of the bridge tender at Port Evangeline, who could not lower the bridge for the passage of train CP-PO. After relearning his duties and the proper procedure he did manage to get the bridge closed safely. In the spirit of reconciliation management did not take any disciplinary action, rather generous considering the pressure the operators had placed on him!

Ownership felt a flash of relief when the session ended and most union members admitted that the two and a half month closure of the railway was worth it because of the new heating system which allows much wider aisle space, something most of them need do obvious reasons if you have seen them.

The only obvious damage by this illegal action may be the permanent trauma inflicted on Carl’s next door neighbor who was quite upset by the turmoil on Anawan Avenue. He did however, to managements dismay, wish the workers good luck and was quoted, although unconfirmed, as saying “I hope you get even with the bastard”.

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