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False accident reporting

by Webmaster on June 29th, 2008

To The Broken & Mangled society –

The mishap at the Dividing Creek RR (Fraizers Coal Yard) was definitely not the fault of the road crew assigned to the Terminal Switcher. The incident in reality must be directly attributed to the Railroads lack of vigorous enforcement of it’s maintainable program.

I’m sure there are mitigating circumstances in play here, this being the summer (a particularly heavy vacation period) much of the DCRR road maintenance crews were enjoying the weather and their family for the first time in many months. That being said the buildup of the brush and debris at the top of the ramp must have escaped the watchful eye of the brass hat and therefore attributed greatly to this unfortunate mishap.
The engineer when backing the car in question up the ramp to the coal dock , being seated in the right side of the cab and not having his brakeman on board (was still on the ground at the switch below the ramp)  the car was backed up the ramp with all due care and all proper handling procedures followed. The first time the engineer became aware of a problem was when he saw the coal car tipped at a 15-20 degree angle from his window, whereupon the brakes were immediately applied, the car however persisted to tip and landed at the bottom of the coal yard. Fortunately old man Fraiser was in the back of the yard working on another vintage Saab restoration.

The incident was properly reported to the DCRR management and photos taken which clearly show the foliage at the top of the ramp. A proper “pee in the bottle test” was administered and the upcoming results will of course completely absolve the Atlantic Coast Senior Engineer of all blame and place it squarely upon the shoulders of the DCRR maintenance department where it properly rests.

I’m becoming quite annoyed with this “AhHa! another AC&E mishap” being reported without due process being served before findings are discovered.

A. Cutter
Senior Operations Director
Atlantic Coast & Eastern Railroad

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