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by Webmaster on June 28th, 2008

During the last operating session at Dividing Creek, the Trainmaster/Dispatcher was visiting a local crew at Gassetts when he heard cries of dismay from the direction of Catherine Street yard. Upon closer investigation, he found a CNJ hopper upside down in the middle of Frazier’s coal yard. According to eyewitnesses, apparently some foliage became wedged between the rocks and the car being spotted on the trestle. The car started to tip and before it could be rescued, it slowly continued its journey to the ground. And of course, this car had a live load. Fortunately, no damage or injuries resulted.

In the aftermath of this, a vicious rumor started that the same train crew was involved in dumping a car load of sand on the streets of Port Evangeline some time ago. Is a pattern beginning to show?


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