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to – Atlantic Shoals R.R.

by Webmaster on April 19th, 2008

Dear Superintendent Klaus:

I read of your misfortunes in the Railroad trade press of the Boston & Mangled Society and  express my regrets at your service interuption to the citizens of Port Evangeline, (We all know that they have been through quite a lot in recent years, not excluding our litigation with your railroad and all over that paltry sand spill).
The Atlantic Coast & Eastern R.R. has two barges that it will lease for a small fee to allow for improved service to the Port, we currently have them tied up at our Northport facility and I’m sure arrangements could be made in short order to transfer them to your company for a short duration. Please advise us of your intentions.

To my trained mind (pun intended) It would appear that a maintenance issue caused the bridge to deteriorate long before its useful life expectancy was reached. My thought would be to retrieve all inspection records to determine if proper maintenance was performed in accordance with your original agreement with the Paleschi Bridge & Steel Co. even though they may have gone out of business years ago there are always heirs who can be brought into a lawsuit.
I would therefor strongly urge you to consider a lawsuit to retrieve damages and to compensate your company for the loss of revenue due to your service interuption.
Please contact my offices if I may be of service to your Railroad.

W. E. Gettum Esq.
Counsel to the Atlantic Coast & Eastern Legal Department.
224 Oak St.
Wakefield MA 01880
CR9 9878

To: The Alantic Shoals Bridge Dept.
Ref, Bridge falure.

Dear Klaus,
The Arcadia Terminal Bridge and Dock engineering dept. will offer the use of our metalurgy¬† dept. at no cost to you get to the actual root of the falure of you span. Our initial feelings that “The sky is falling” sounds like Chicken Little and is a little like chicken S#%& it smells.
Please be advised the metalurgy being used in the replacement bridge meets or exceeds your specifications by a safety factor of 200%.
Please have W. E. Gettum Esq. contact our office for the test data if needed for your pending litigation.

Engineering Manager
Bridge & Dock Division of the
Arcadia Terminal Street & Dock Railroad.

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