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Tragedy strikes the Port Evangeline Branch Fundy Bay truss bridge.

by Webmaster on April 18th, 2008

At approximately 11:00 AM today April 18, 1962 while contractors worked above installing a new hardwood floor in the Atlantic Shoals company headquarters building a twin florescent fixture fell directly onto the Central Valley Corp. truss bridge. The carnage was complete, the bridge was cut up and removed as a hazard to navigation. While the “risk factor” was calculated with the company bean counters the loss of this bridge still came as a shock. Service to Port Evangeline is being rerouted via the Dominion Atlantic car float until a new bridge can be located and built. The original builder was Ray Palleschi Inc., but that company may not be in business since it was constructed in 1902!

If all goes well we will have a session on Tuesday April 22, however be prepared for a rather bleak sky as the ceiling is gone anticipating the installation of a new heating system starting on May 13.

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