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Model railroading may be fun after all!

by Webmaster on October 11th, 2007
It’s been a busy weekend, picking the kids up from UMass Amherst, a musical on Saturday and back to Amherst on Tuesday. But I did manage to reconnect and test the Chatham and Chatham Staging bezels. As I indicated in prior messages, one of the jacks in the Chatham Staging bezel was not working, so without even testing, I just replaced it. After reconnecting everything, I’ve run some trains back and forth using the suspect signal line and so far, everything is running fine.
One of model railroading’s axioms–It’s fixed, but I don’t know what I did to fix it. Anyway, it looks as if Dividing Creek is back in business. We’ll know better on October 27-fourth Saturday and again on November 13.

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