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by Webmaster on September 26th, 2007
Last night (9/25/07) everything was going more or less smoothly on the Dividing Creek when a little after 10  pm everything shut down. Great! Preliminary checking indicated some sort of signal problem. So since it was near the end of the session, we chatted for a bit and then called it a night.
I did some trouble shooting today (9/26/07) and here’s the progress to date. I have two signal lines—one to Dividing Creek and the other runs to a terminal strip at New Haven Jct. Disconnecting the line to New Haven Jct. brings the railroad back on line. I then disconnected the onward signal line and New Haven Jct. is back, but everything else beyond there (signal line wise) is still down. I can operate from any bezel in the Dividing Creek area and from New Haven Jct. The next step of course is continue checking the signal line from terminal strip to terminal strip until I find and correct the problem. Worst case would be eliminate the second signal line and run everything from a single signal line.
I also found another problem, but I’m not sure whether it has any bearing on the main problem. Putting a plug into one of the throttles starts the locomotive without advancing the speed control. Quien Sabe?
If anyone has a suggestion, please don’t hesitate.  To be continued…..

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