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by Webmaster on September 6th, 2007
Today, September 6, I started to lay track for the Middlebury College power plant spur. After putting down the ties and letting the glue dry, I began laying the rail. I use Micro Engineering small spikes and as I was putting them in, it seemed they were very difficult to set. These were part of a package of 1000 that I recently picked up at Modeler’s Junction going out of business sale. After I tried half a dozen spike, I knew something was not right. Upon examination, I found the spikes had no points. No wonder they were hard to drive in.
Of course, after I bought them, I opened the package and dumped them into the small tin box I use for spikes. Soooooo, after about 30 minutes or so, I finally separated the pointless spikes from the good ones. It didn’t look like the entire 1000, but certainly half at least.
What a great hobby!

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