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by Webmaster on November 13th, 2010

With five days to spare before the operating session at Essex & Lakeside, I’ve finished the renovation of the Hobbyline combine.
It was not without some glitches. The two-tone gray NYC scheme calls for stripes above and below the windows and I opted for 3″ stripes. I thought that one or two inch stripes might not show up as well. However, using 3″ stripes did not leave a lot of room on the letter board. Add to that the 1950s somewhat oversized rivets and there’s even less room. So, searching through my supply of decals, I couldn’t find a suitable size in white Railroad Roman or Gothic. I did find Gothic in silver and a size that would just fit. Biting the bullet, I went for the silver and it (if I may say so) turned out to look pretty good.
After the decaling was done, I added clear styrene for the windows and prism glass for the restrooms. Putting the shell on the frame completed the renovation.
First revenue trip (with his permission) will be at Harvey’s Essex & Lakeside on Novermber 16.
While I was doing the project, I did a little research and found the metal combine was probably marketed by John English circa 1953 for $2.95. The coach, I believe has the same ancestry. Somewhere along the line, English changed their name (or was sold to) Hobbyline and in 1955 cost $3.95. I found this information at a neat website called They have a ton of information, including kit instructions, plans, catalogs, etc.
This project was a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoyed the series as I described it.
Don Howd
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