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by Webmaster on January 11th, 2011

Some of you may remember a few operating sessions ago on the Dividing Creek that the Middlebury switcher, #23 (Athearn Baldwin S-12), was running erratically to the point where we switched motive power for the evening.
The initial thought was maybe the receiver pots needed adjustment. Well, I never got around to checking them. Truth be told, I am a little hesitant to mess with the receivers, short of re-attaching leads or, in one notable instance, cutting the receiver in half to install it in a Cary/Athearn Alco S-2.
Even so, during this last (1/8/11) Saturday operating session, I acted as Middlebury yardmaster and #23 seemed to be running ok.
Yesterday, looking forward to RailRun in a few weeks, I decided to clean and lube #23. As I was taking the shell off, I found that it seemed to be stuck. Further investigation showed that one of the wire leads from the receiver to the trucks was just about fried to a crisp! No wonder 23’s performance¬† was less than stellar.
So, in addition to wheel cleaning and lubrication, #23 also received a new set of wire leads from the receiver to the trucks.
Back on the rails, #23 ran nice and smooth. Is model railroading fun or what?
Don Howd

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