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by Webmaster on January 14th, 2011

Saturday, 1/8/11 was the first operating session of the new year on Dividing Creek, and by all accounts it went pretty well. There were enough operators to go around, although, I did have to handle yardmaster chores at Middlebury.
As we all know, the RailRun gift in 2008 was an apron for operators to wear during operating sessions to hold waybills and any other necessities. I use mine to carry an uncoupling stick, a mini-light and a paper towel for my fingers if necessary. At the Atlantic Shoals, aprons are required for all but yardmasters.
Well, for whatever reason, most operators did not wear an apron at Dividing Creek on the 8th. During the session, I noticed that the waybills ended up getting jammed into trouser pockets, with considerable bending and other wear and tear. Probably my error in not insisting on using them.
For some reason, it didn’t dawn on me that, in addition to being handy to hold the waybills while operating, using our aprons also saved the waybills from unnecessary folding, spindling, bending and mutilation.
No more–operators aprons are required on the Dividing Creek for all train crews. Yardmaster use is optional.
Don Howd

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