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by Webmaster on May 10th, 2011


A short while ago, Harvey and Bob Sheaff presented me with two more vintage-read:ancient-passenger cars to re-furbish/renovate.
Harvey’s was a Bee-Jay (Walthers) “Pug” Combine. At one time in the dim past, Wathers marketed some of their passenger cars under the “Bee-Jay” brand. They were stamped steel sides and floor, cast underframe, formed plastic roof and cast detail parts. The box shows a retail price of $4.95.
For this car, I painted it New York Central two-tone gray and lettered it with HighBall graphics Delaware & Hudson decals. I also added Walthers cast vapor traps, Walthers diaphragms, Detail Associates handrails, steps and grab irons. A pair of Central Valley 4 wheel passenger trucks and KaDee couplers finished the job.
The second car from Bob Sheaff¬†was and equally ancient Pennline all-plastic baggage car lettered for the New England Midland. I removed the decals and the weights stuck on the bottom. After cleaning and priming, I painted it NYC light and dark gray, after which I lettered it with the HighBall Graphics D&H decals. I had also removed the rudimentary battery box and air tanks. When the car was ready, I added a¬†Bethlehem Car Works battery box, UC brake gear and generator. The car also received Walthers diaphragms, a Tichy brake housing and wheel, Detail Associates stirrup steps and grab irons. KaDee couplers and one ounce of extra weight (A Line) finished the work. I kept the orginial trucks, but up-graded them with Proto 2000 36″ wheel sets.
Once again, I really enjoyed working with the old kits and giving them a new life.
Don Howd

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