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by Webmaster on May 10th, 2011


A few days ago I was doing some research on line. This is always fraught with danger. But I persisted and found out that talc is used a filler in making paper. Talc is so soft that adding it to paper protects machinery from damage.
The Atlantic Shoals serves a large paper mill at St. Andrews. The Dividing Creek serves a talc plant a Gassetts. Cue the light bulb!!.
What if Dividing Creek shipped covered hoppers of talc to St. Andrews?
Almost at the same time I discovered the talc/paper relationship, I was looking at the Bowser web site and found three really cool 70 ton covered hoppers, which I promptly ordered, even though I thought I told myself “No more rolling stock”.
Now Carl and I need to work out the routing so DC can begin talc shipment to the ASR.
Now for the commercial—I think Bowser might be overlooked asĀ  a source of really good, very moderately priced car kits. It took me about an hour to build each of the covered hoppers. They are nicely done, and go together easily. The parts have only a minimal amount of flash and everything fits with no fuss. They make a wide variety of cars–in an equally wide variety of road names. The one exception is caboose kits–they are almost all Pennsy, CR, PC, but there are a few others, such as B&M, Cambria & Indiana, etc. All the cabooses are PRR prototype. They are generally all about $13.95 and best of all–made in USA. Try them, you’ll like them.
Don Howd

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