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by Webmaster on July 10th, 2011
A few months ago, Bob Pierce asked if I would mind putting together a transfer caboose similar to one that’s been on Dividing Creek for quite awhile. I told him I would and here is where this tale begins.
I did a little research and found that Santa Fe apparently did not have any transfer cabooses. This prompted even more research and then nostalgia kicked in.
The original of this particular transfer caboose was the subject of an article in the August 1959 Model Railroader. The article was based on one built by the Rock Island.
My original model was totally scratch-built from wood and cardstock. It came out pretty well, so I entered it in the model contest at the Northeastern Region convention in White River Jct. VT in October 19, 1974, where it took a Merit Award (minimum of 87.5 points out of 125).
This car has been in storage for a long time and the dangling corner step has been repaired.
Over the course of time, I decided Dividing Creek could use a transfer caboose, so I built another one. This time, however, instead of scratch-building it, I used an Athearn 40′ flat car kit as a base for the styrene cabin and other details. I also used a Detail Associates All-weather diesel switcher window for the bay window. The railings on the deck are all brass or phosphor bronze wire soldered together.
I was able to obtain an Athearn 50′ flat car kit from Ebay to use a the base for Bob Pierce’s transfer caboose. I figured that a more modern railroad like Bob models would probably use a 50′ car rather than a 40′ one. I also used more yellow and a Kadee see-through steel roof walk for a more modern look.
Unfortunately, our motor vehicle accident on May 13, 2011 intervened, and I only worked on the latest edition of the transfer caboose sporadically. I finally got my act in gear and finished the car and gave it to Bob at the Tuesday operating session on July 5, 2011.
Which brings us down to sharing–part of my enjoyment of the hobby is sharing with friends–whether it is parts that someone might need, or building a model for a friend’s railroad. So, I have builtĀ a total of 6 of these transfer cabooses. Two are on Dividing Creek, and the others are on the New England Northern, Atlantic Shoals, Atlantic Coast & Eastern and now Sagebrush & Southwestern.
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