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by Webmaster on November 30th, 2010

As construction on the Middlebury portion of the Dividing Creek progresses,(OK, sometimes the progress is glacial) I’ve begun to lay track for the second portion of the yard. Of necessity, there will be a short run around to (hopefully) help the crews access the new section. The first order of business was to construct the crossover. The first section of track went in, then the first turnout. It’s going to be out of reach for both a regular ground throw and the Blue Point style as well. So, control of the crossover will be by Tortoise switch machines. I sited both turnouts and drilled the holes for the actuating wire. Next step was to add the tail track from the first turnout. Done! As I was laying track, I also added insulated rail joiners and power leads to the tracks.
Yesterday (11/29/10) I went ahead and connected the power leads to the bus wires. Then turn on the power and attach a test light. Oh no, everything is shorted!!
What now? So, as usual, I started the elimination of possible sources. No luck. After about 15 minutes of this, it dawned on me. At the end of the tail track, I had installed a bumper. Not just any bumper, but a cast metal bumper. Except for cutting one rail ahead of the bumper, I did everything correctly. A couple of seconds with the old Dremel tool and , like magic, the short disappeared.
Next we install the Tortoises.
Don Howd

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