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by Carl on May 23rd, 2012


 Sliced a vacuum cleaner bag open with a razor blade and sifted through the debris looking for that part that got sucked up by mistake while cleaning the layout?

 Forgot until supper time that you were hosting tonight?

 Left your index finger hanging over the straight edge while cutting a piece of styrene, oh the carnage?

 Spliced in a new turnout, carefully marking the rails then cut the rails to short?

 Broken the only three number 60 drills you have on a Sunday when the hobby shop is closed.

 Driven forty miles to a hobby shop only to find it is closed on Mondays.

 Left a tool under the layout for months wondering how you lost it and then finding it by accident (after you bought a new one)?

 Super glued your fingers together and can’t find the nail polish remover, forcing you to ask your wife, showing how talented you are?

 Dropped a screw into a locomotive mechanism then having to disassemble it because it stuck to the motor magnet?

 Gone to a hobby shop and forgot what you needed (but left with a large bag of stuff anyway).

 Waited anxiously for the UPS truck to show up for days at a time and looked out the window every time you hear a rumble (they really do rumble)?

 Spilled the last bottle of Pullman green paint on the work bench, and your shirt, with only one car left to paint (most likely on a Sunday when you know who is closed)?

 Forget to clean your air brush after use?

 Had a short which took days to find, only to discover you left a metal tool on the track, usually in a tunnel, and usually a NMRA gauge?

 Just run a train around the layout and realized that it’s all worth it?

 If so you are a model railroader, actually a fairly normal model railroader.

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