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M&MC Roadbed Crew Encounters Obstacle

by Carl on July 9th, 2013

The M&MC roadbed construction crew encountered a small obstacle last night when attempting to excavate and install the roadbed for the east end yard lead track for Rigby yard. An outcropping of ledge was discovered that was blocking the path of the yard lead, (See picture below).

Rigby east end yard lead before.


Even though this was not in the original budget, the blasting crew was called in, (large hammer & chisel). After several explosions and waking up the neighbors, the problem was resolved, although the debris field was quite extensive, (See picture below).

Rigby east end yard lead after

The roadbed construction crew was able to continue once the debris was cleaned up and removed. This is one of the last remaining task for the roadbed crew to complete the east end of Rigby yard. The track crew is waiting in the wings ready to begin. They have been feverishly working offsite building turnouts by the dozens and are now ready to begin as soon as the roadbed is complete. Once the track crew does their work, mechanical (turnout linkage) and electrical are ready to go.

Looking forward to electrons flowing through rails.

Mike Costello

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